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Living&Co is dedicated to delivering the ultimate luxuries you can experience in this life: freedom and ease of living. Living&Co. simplifies finding a new apartment with fully-furnished spaces and inclusive amenities so your focus can be on scoping out the best coffee shop nearby, not fitting a couch through the door Ross-style.

Live your dream New York city life without breaking the bank, at your own terms, and at your own time!

your time, your choice!

With extremely easy short-term lease agreements and palatial co-living spaces filled with high living decor and comfortable furniture, you can enjoy the low-rent benefits of living with roommates without sacrificing the quality of your accommodations or getting trapped into a year-long agreement.

Best of all, your new home is fully taken care of, with once a month deep cleanings – eliminating the need to negotiate chores with your new roommates.

With a variety of different neighborhoods for you to choose between, from swanky up-and-coming city hotspots to more reserved and quiet areas with easy access to high class amenities – PLUS our signature 24 hour “turnkey move in,” Living&Co. is everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

Sit Back And Enjoy
More for Less

With Living&Co., there are so many options that you simply can’t go wrong. Choose between a standalone that opens directly to your common area or spring for the bathroom en suite to enjoy enhanced privacy and space.

Getting approved to move into one of our affordable spaces is easy! It will never take more than 24 hours from the time of approval to arrange your new home. The process is fast, flexible, and built to accommodate YOU.

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